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  • Fixcraft NAH Tournament Ball


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The NAH Hard Durometer Tournament ball takes the resilient, stable PVC formula of the well-respected “Canadian Orange” and turns it up a notch for the extreme heat that often faces bike polo tournaments during the competitive season. The NAH Hard Durometer ball is a custom extreme temperature mix commissioned by Fixcraft and manufactured by DGEL in Canada using a proprietary formula.

What is durometer?

Durometer is the industry standard for measuring material hardness. Whereas the Canadian Orange is roughly a hardness of 90 A, the NAH Hard Durometer comes in around 100 A. 100 a is the hardest “durometer a” scale will measure. What does this mean exactly? In a nutshell the harder durometer holds it’s shape and resilience in extreme weather better than lower durometer balls. The NAH Hard Durometer ball was tested from Arizona to Florida during the hot parts of last summer with great results.  In the high heat, testers reported that the ball outperformed anything that we’ve worked with before. If you’ve been waiting for a Canadian Orange built for extreme heat, the wait is over.  The NAH Hard Durometer Tournament ball is  recommended for temperatures of 85f degrees (30c) and higher only.

The new NAH Hard Durometer Tournament ball remains 70 grams, and is the standard 70mm diameter that all DGEL products you are used to are.


Like the 2012 model Hot ball, this brand new ball is also part of a fundraising effort for NAH.  Fixcraft sends a portion of the proceeds directly to NAH for continued operation.  Fixcraft also supplies all NAH Series tournaments with the balls they need, free of charge to NAH and tournament organizers.

We are extremely excited to have this in our arsenal for the new season.  We have worked closely with DGEL to provide an exclusive range of ball durometers to meet the needs of hardcourt polo players everywhere, in deep winter or the hottest parts of summer.  There is no one ball to rule them all, but with the new NAH Hard Durometer Tournament ball, we’re confident you will think it rules all the same.

• Higher heat stability and abrasion (stickiness) resistance
• Super High Density, approximately 100a durometer
• Proprietary formula developed and used only by DGEL
• 2.75″ (70mm) diameter
• 70 grams
Recommended temperatures of 85 degrees and higher. Designed for the high heat.
• NAH tested and approved.
• A portion of the proceeds to directly to NAH.

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