Fixcraft Extra Tuff Mallet Shaft

  • Fixcraft Extra Tuff Mallet Shaft
  • Fixcraft Extra Tuff Mallet Shaft
  • Fixcraft Extra Tuff Mallet Shaft


The XT Xtra Tuff Bike Polo Mallet Shaft runs a 1.2 mm wall thickness. This is a heavier build for bigger players or players that get more physical on the court.

Fixcraft only uses high grade extruded 7075 T6 series 4 Aluminum. Uncut, the LT weighs only 220 grams. Fixcraft has the longest shaft on the market that we know of. This means more customization, especially if you are a taller player.

The 2013 XT model has the same taper and straight section dimensions you have known and trusted since we first started, with out of the box compatibility for the Fixcraft CONNECT added to the tapered end. The tapered end now comes M6 pre-threaded with a small notch. This however does not impede how you normally mount your mallet heads to your shaft. You can still mount with a fixnut, a wood screw, or however you are used to.

Fixcraft XT shafts now come in 4 different annodized colors to choose from. This seems like a small feature until you try to find your gear in a throw in pile. More color options means more customization to your gear and that can be a time saver.

• 1.2 mm wall thickness.
• Extruded aluminum, no seams on the interior.
• Accepts nearly any attachment technique
• Total Length 48.75"
• Length of taper 11.75"
• Length of straight section 37"
• End of taper diameter 0.35"
• End of straight section diameter 0.71"
• Total weight before cutting down 220 grams
• Comes in 4 annodized colors
• Hardware, tape & rubber end not included

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