Fixcraft Cool Pink Hardcourt Ball

  • Fixcraft Cool Pink Hardcourt Ball


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Dgel has several years and a lot of research and development into problems the Hockey world faces. This is information that can be utilized in hardcourt for a better game. Dgel uses a proprietary formula that has a more predictable play to it. There is a very simple reason for this that most overseas plants can't accomplish. The balls are cooked in dgels molds at a slower rate so that when they are finished baking, they are more balanced. The faster you slam a ball through the molding process, the more out of balance it is going to be. Dgel is a small, North American based, family owned company that has put everything into their product and we are proud to have partnered with them.

The Pink Cool weather is a 70 gram, 85a +/- durometer that has good results in weather starting at 40 degrees. Everyones tastes are different but the softer durometer works great in this range. We recommend getting several cool weather pinks and cold weather blues to dial your game in to however the weather is feeling to you that day.

• High Density, approximately 85a +/- durometer
• Proprietary formula developed and used only by DGEL
• 2.75" (70mm) diameter
• 70 grams
• Recommended temperature of 40 degrees minimum for best play
• Bright pink color

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