Fixcraft Classic Mallet Head

  • Fixcraft Classic Mallet Head
  • Fixcraft Classic Mallet Head
  • Fixcraft Classic Mallet Head


The UNIBODY CLASSIC MALLET HEAD models come in both 2500 and 2375 outer diameters, at 127mm (5″) long, and pre-drilled with marking holes for a 2nd and 3rd mount to extend the life of your head. Wall thickness is a hefty 4mm on the sides with a 6.35mm hitting surface. The interior remains straight ahead with a classic tried and true design that is tough as hell, and ready to be drilled out and customized how you want. If you aren’t sure what head to get, you can’t go wrong with this one due to the strength and customization options no other uhmw head on the market offers.

The Unibody line of Mallet heads is CNC machined, not hand lathed, out of virgin impact resistant UHMW-PE. FIXCRAFT only uses the highest quality impact resistant UHMW-PE. It’s self lubricating (doesn’t stick to the court like HDPE or ABS), it’s extremely durable (10x abrasion resistance to that of carbon steel), and super light. We never use fluffy, low quality, or collapsable UHMW on the Unibody line of Mallet heads. Ever.

• 63.5 mm outer diameter with 4 mm walls
• 127mm (5″) long
• 6.35 mm thick hitting surface at cap
• Comes in both 2500 and 2375 outer diameters
• Virgin, Impact resistant UHMW-PE
• Precision CNC Machined
• 1 set of mounting holes pre-drilled, plus 2 secondary position marking holes
• Drillable (be reasonable)
• non-proprietary, cut and mount however you want
• Same design as previous 2012 and 2013 ultralite models.
• 2500:106g
• 2375:100g

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